In 2019, B’Nei Anussim from around the world returns to Castelo de Vide, Portugal, “To Restore and Value the Lost Jewish Heritage”.

The first conference took place in December 2010 with the theme “Restoring the Lost Heritage”, and it was a tremendous success. Castelo de Vide assembled leaders from all over the world to help bring to the world understanding of the suffering of the Anussim / Marrano Jews and their desire to return to their Jewish Identity.
The City of Castelo de Vide along with Netivyah in Israel and with ABRAJIN in Brazil is organizing the second conference of international scholars to raise the awareness and issues of the Anussim to the world. The focus of the second Conference is “To Value the Lost Jewish Heritage”. Academics, investigators and leaders from all over the world will attend the Conference, as well as Portuguese, Brazilian and Israeli politicians and diplomats. The Conference will have 4 sessions:

  • Restore the Lost Heritage. Perspectives from Different Realities.
  • The Safeguard of the Jewish Heritage. The Material and the Non-Material Dimensions.
  • The Jews who were forced to convert
  • Actions and Projects to value the Jewish Heritage

Today, when ‘Jewish Heritage’ is a key word for developing various initiatives at regional, national, and international levels, B’Nei Anussim 2nd International Conference provides a complementary action with the strategy developed by the Government and the Turismo de Portugal in the aim of developing Religious Tourism regarding Jewish and Sephardic Heritage.

The B’Nei Anussim Conference will be, absolutely, the scenario to stand out the Jewish Heritage within the Portuguese Identity.